Monday, August 16, 2010

scout and guide- one day camp

               On 14/8/2010 Saturday we conducted a one day Scout and Guide camp in the school itself. 27 Guides and 50 Scouts participated .In the Guides section there were 4 patrols and in Scouts 7 patrols. The camp began at 7.00 a.m in the morning and we packed off at 5.15 p.m in the evening.
       The students assembled in the school at 7.00a.m. Then patrol division and preparation for flag hoisting took place. The flag hoisting ceremony commenced at 8.30a.m. In the flag hoisting ceremony Mr.Kumariah (HWB Scout) addressed Scouts and Guides. After the flag hoisting ceremony BP Six exercise was demonstrated by the patrol leaders. Then the session started with Mr.Deepak Kumar (S.M) class. He took an interesting class on “History of Scout and Guide movement and Advancement of Scout and Guide movement”. Between the session our honorable principal Mr.Ajay Babu came and gave his valuable advises and suggestions. Then by 10.45 a.m we had our tea break for 15 minutes. After the tea break was the exciting sing song session. Chief guest Mr.Kumariah, Mr.Deepak Kumar, Miss.Nisha (G.C) and one of the Rajya Puraskar student Akhil.G.Nair everyone from the Scouts to the Teachers participated. This was one of the mostinteresting session of the day. Then by 11.45 a.m Mrs.Swarnamma’s (TGT S.Sc) class on compass and mapping was worth listening. Madam gave very interesting and valuable information about compass and mapping. Miss.Nisha’s (G.C) class on Morse and Semaphores signaling with flag ended up the morning session. 01.15 p.m - 02.00 p.m was the time for lunch break. After lunch, Mr.Kumariah took an interesting class on knotting and lashing. In this session students learnt different kinds of knotting and lashing like Reef knot, Sheet bend, Clove hitch etc. The camp was a buzz of activity then. After this we had a short tea break of 15 minutes. Then came the game session. Under the leadership of Mr.Deepak Kumar, the Scouts and Guides combined games were held. After that students assembled in the ground and cleaned the area before lowering the flag.
         By 04.45 p.m the flag lowering ceremony was conducted. From the Group Leader Akhil.G.Nair, G.C took the flag and by 05.15 p.m the camp was dismissed.

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