Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Why one would want to be a scout?

No one can deny that youth in this country and indeed in the whole wolrd is in a state of great turmoil is not prepared to tolerate any longer the infinaty of life in affluent societies and the injustice and exploitation which exist in such large measure in the poorest parts of the world. It refuses to be imposed by an older genration in whose empty promoises it has lost all faith .It has seen too much selfishness masquerading as patriotisim ,it has seen to many advertisement passing as social service , too much violence covered up in in ostensible pursuits of peace to have any regard left for those who have the reins of powerof power in their hands.
         The indescipline among the indian youth today is a result of accumalated frustrations;a cheerful ,active and outward looking scout is free from frustrations,not because life is kinder to a scout than to others ,but because he has an outlook in which both sorrow and joy ,failure and and achievement have their appropriate place and get synthesized in a deeper understanding of human existence .Life in the camps by which the movement sets so much store is a whole school of education in itself. It teaces emotional intergration and the solidarity of india as nothing else can. it satisfies a large number of youthful impulses and desires , and as an open air , outdoor activity promotes clean habits and a healthy outlook among the participents.
         And the beauty of it all is that the scout teachings are not imparted through a para- millitary organisation or through an iron regiment but through activities in which pleasure and instructions are inexplicably blended.

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